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Finding your WAY(s)

Here we are July 2020 and wow what a year. We've been through or are in the midst of a cancer journey and the world decides to go crazy. At least that's how I have felt. The isolation, limitations and worry have brought me back to the time of when I was in treatment. I felt much the same back then. For those of you in the middle of treatment AND this pandemic, I am humbled by your strength! I have found myself struggling some days on which way is up, and other days enjoying the closeness this has brought back to my family and home. Im am sure I echo many of your thoughts.

Through this all we have lost some of our most needed things such as going to our favorite support group, meeting friends for lunch, coffee etc. With running WAYS one of my most favorite things we do, is our quarterly events where I get to see you, we interact and feel a sense of belonging to this special community. WAYS will always continue these events even from afar but I must say, seeing so many faces on our last zoom event filled and replenished my "bowl" as Arielle Grossman, LMFT had explained to us. I had a sense of lightness, pure joy and peace after our event.

Finding our WAY(s). How? For myself Im having to set my intentions. I find pure joy when I interact with YOU. Every one of you help replenish my bowl. My family and friends as well. As I can not see everyone face to face, the simple text, facebook interaction, zoom etc means the world. I've started making my morning protein smoothie, being thoughtful in my eating habits and tailoring my "have to's" and my "like to do's" in a way that they both are getting done. Such as listening to an audiobook while cooking, cleaning, painting (as we remodel or home). I've also been making a point to balance the intense type shows or movies I watch with fun, lighthearted ones that make me laugh or smile. Maybe for some of us (me lol) limiting my social media interaction at times. These things have been making it easier for me to get through these days with a lighter heart, a more peaceful approach and a sense of higher accomplishment.

For you, what small things can you do? It's not always easy to reach out to others, but if that's something that makes you feel good, tell your people that. They can then take the lead in reaching out to you. Is it small diet changes, allowing yourself the grace of a tough day, not feeling guilty over self care or simply needing a nap. Many of us have the intention of doing the things we need to self care but are you doing it? We must be proactive in our wellness journey while allowing ourselves to not do it perfectly. The effort though is crucial.

This cancer journey and survivorship in itself is the most difficult thing I've ever navigated through. No one tells you how different than expected survivorship is and that's why we have organizations like W.A.Y.S. and the amazing Cancer Cares Sacramento. Please know we are always here for you just as you have been for us, maybe without you even knowing you have been! Your strength and sheer presence is a blessing. Remind yourself to do something for you. Allow that nap guilt free, craft that project, read that book, make that new recipe. And always reach out anytime day or night! Have a peaceful day my friends!

Attached below is our zoom wellness talk

Colette Hoang

CEO & Co-Founder

W.A.Y.S. We Are Your Support Inc

(916) 306-5477

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