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Individualized Donations

W.A.Y.S. will discuss with you any needs that may not be met within our other services. W.A.Y.S. receives donations from the community of wigs, head wear, clothes, pantry items and much more. We then donate these items back into the cancer community.  Let's talk! W.A.Y.S. will find a WAY.

Brain WAYS


Access To A Licensed Therapist

W.A.Y.S. has partnered with Kristine Mendenhall MA, LMFT License #98103, Kayle Torres MA, LMFT License #96009 and Arielle Grossman LMFT License #114055 to provide our clients with counseling services. These sessions will be free of charge to the client based on a Client Care Contract between the client and W.A.Y.S. (The number of free sessions will be individualized for each client.)


Meal Planning

We will create a link to a meal planning site for you during your phases of treatment and recovery. We will provide support for you by organizing and managing your meal plan.  W.A.Y.S. will assess your preferences, allergies, and more to create an individualized plan for you and your family. This link will then be provided to you and can be shared with family and friends, where they can sign up to bring home-cooked food or have local restaurants or meal services deliver to your doorstep. W.A.Y.S. will also send meals on a regular schedule throughout your treatment. This will be one less weight off your shoulders during a time where the focus needs to be on you and your journey.


Small Group Support

We will schedule one-on-one or group outings--anything from coffee & yoga to walks & hiking--based on individual need or request. Our quarterly group events consist of activities to comfort the heart and nurture the mind.  Instructional activities in painting, meditation, yoga, essential oils and activities alike. Our goal is to provide you with support, conversation and activity as you embark on your journey and beyond.  Our team will also provide resources and assist with gathering and providing information based on individual needs.

Drive WAYS

Local Treatment Support

We will arrange transportation support for you to your doctor appointments, chemotherapy, radiation or any cancer related need.  Transportation to and from appointments, chemotherapy and radiation can be arranged with our amazing partners at  Heart Of Gold Transportation through W.A.Y.S. We Are Your Support Inc. Call us today to get started.

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