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Seeing the light in your darkest days

W.A.Y.S. is a Non-Profit organization providing cancer fighters, survivors and their support systems within the local area with a helping hand throughout their cancer journey and beyond.


As a cancer fighter & survivor herself, our founder realized a greater need in the cancer community for resources and support, to not only be available, but to also actively reach out and routinely embrace them with open arms. Please read more about her journey in her personal blog here.

W.A.Y.S. also extends our caring hands to family, friends, and caregivers who are seeking additional assistance with their loved ones's journey so that the burden does not fall entirely on just one shoulder. Our mission is to be the outreach that you need--an outreach that will create your sense of wellbeing. When you sign up as our client, MY promise to you is that we will do the "reaching" out. We will assess your particular needs on a consistent basis through one-on-one contact. You will have your individualized care met by our outreach team.


Our services are free of cost to all of our clients. Funding for W.A.Y.S. events is done solely by donations and fundraising.  Donations go directly back into providing counseling services, specialized events, personalized care, meals assistance and transportation for our clients.


Please subscribe to our blog. Follow along as we grow our organization. We will post our trials and tribulations and our upcoming achievements as we give a helping hand in the cancer community.

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