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Yay, You're cancer free now!

Ha, how many times have we heard this and cringed? Yes, I'm cancer This is what I've begun to say. I'm not being negative or pessimistic. It's just what happens IN the cancer fighter, survivor world. Today I do not have cancer. Just as I had not had cancer before my diagnosis. I am also not being melodramatic or waiting for the other shoe to drop, it's simply the reality of where we live once treatment has ended because let's be real..... if it was just wham bam you are cured, we wouldn't have all these check ups, labs, scans etc. And yes, this is coming on the heels of my six month CT scan completed today, with a wonderful weekend AGAIN to wait for the results. Uuuugh...why are my scans always on a damn Friday?!? But look, I am growing tiredly accustomed to this. I will get over my moment of terror and have a beautiful weekend but damn it, right now it sucks!

So here goes my next thought and point. Survivors, lifetime fighters, those who had little treatment, lots of treatment, caretakers........ or whatever we/you may choose to call yourself. Should you come to our events? Should you use our resources that you may be thinking others need more? The answer is simple, YES! This is a journey. For life. No matter where we fall within it, once touched by cancer it has become part of us. This is WHY W.A.Y.S. came to life, not because during the fight I realized it. It was AFTER my fight, when the struggle of what to do next became really real. So yes, come to our events, use our counseling services, call on us when you have needs. We can help, we WILL help. I'm not claiming that I am the 'all knowing guru', I am just me, with a passion and drive and a team who will make it happen. For you and with you. We will become another piece of your family, your strength and your reprieve where needed. Let's do this together. You help me as much as we hope to help you!

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Oct 02, 2021

Hi nice reading your post

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