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W.A.Y.S. News ❤

I am so very excited for all of the great things coming our way! W.A.Y.S. has been mine and The's dream since I began my cancer journey. We knew we wanted to be involved in giving back to the cancer community. What that looked like, we weren't exactly sure. But as the months have gone by it has taken shape. There will be much more to come and many more dreams to be realized as we continue to build.

I would like to take a moment to touch on where we are now. We have achieved our official legal non-profit status🎆🎇✨. We have a wonderful team who has helped us in accomplishing all of the legalities for W.A.Y.S.

We also are finalizing a partnership with a licensed marriage family therapist, who will be accessible through W.A.Y.S. to see our clients to aid in the mental journey that we as fighters and survivors endure. W.A.Y.S. will be able to offer a certain amount of visits to see our therapist Kristine Mendenhall MA, LMFT at Thrive Therapy & Counseling, free to the W.A.Y.S. client based on our one on one assessments with you. These appointments will be made through W.A.Y.S.

I am so very excited to grow W.A.Y.S in all ways to assist fighters, survivors and their support. Providing whatever we can to make this journey just a little less stressful and positive as possible!

Please continue to follow along in our W.A.Y.S. journey. Subscribe to our blogs to keep up to date!

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