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On to the next chapter

Good day to you all! It's a beautiful day because we are here on earth to smile and appreciate. Appreciate the little things, the big things and even the not so great things.  I'm sitting here propped up in my bed with a drain hanging out of my left side and bruising from my stomach to the top of my chest. Ugh. I'm also missing my ladies at support group today BUT, I'm here =) I feel the last sentences of this chapter being written and finally coming to an end. 

I had one (hopefully) final procedure done last Friday to fix damage from radiation. The surgery went fantastic and my recovery is going smoothly. This is one damn long journey! And I am blessed to see it all the way through! I also had a CT last Thursday which showed some new spots on my lung--most likely inflammation from radiation damage--but my initial lung damage is clearing up. YAAAAY!

My oncologist is still seeing me every two months, with lab draws. It gets daunting but I'd be upset if she wasn't. She is also doing CT scans every six months right now. Most oncologists for my type of cancer do not do this. They typically don't scan you unless there is a concern. But mine is keeping close 'surveillance' on me and as much as I just want to move on, I am grateful for this.  In my heart and soul I don't feel as though I'll have a re-occurrence BUT if I do, I know, her close monitoring will be a godsend.

Yesterday was Father's Day. We had a beautiful day, I may have pushed myself a little too much but, for this man of mine, I'd do it all over again. He has spent the last two Father's Day now focused on me and next year I cannot wait to make him and my dads ALL of the focus!!!

Laying here recovering gives me time to think of the group of people I have met through this process. The fighters and survivors that continue to humble me every day! I have made connections and true friendships with so many admirable people! I am so happy to have met them all even if it was through sharing this crappy diagnosis.

I've planned our next W.A.Y.S. event and it makes me so happy to think about spending another day with these survivors: doing something fun, enjoying each others company and making some awesome all natural essential oil products! I love my essential oils lol. If you are getting into or are into Essential Oils my biggest plea is to PLEASE only use reputable oils. I, of course have my favorite, but 'promoting' a certain brand is not something I'd do here. I will only push for everyone to use a trusted reputable brand! They are not all made the same and you never want to use something that isn't pure.  I'm going to blog about how I use oils in a separate post. I have definitely become the person that thinks 'Which oil can I use for.....' before ever turning to chemicals, store bought products or medication. 

Continue to find the light in your every day. You are loved, thought of and supported always! 

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