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When you're caught in a LANDSLIDE


noun | land·slide | \ ˈlan(d)-ˌslīd \

1. the falling down of rocks or earth from a mountain or cliff.

2. my mother's favorite Fleetwood Mac song.

     All of my family had our own personal mountains to climb. We gave each other the support and strength to climb them together. We, without a doubt, would climb those mountains, and we would do it so gracefully. Until a rock fell. And not just any rock. A boulder, if you will. It landed hard and heavy. It certainly rattled us. In fact, we stopped and waited. Was this maybe just a fluke? Was there any more coming? Sure enough, the earth gave way beneath us. We slid. We stumbled. We tried to grab anything to stop the falling. We held on tightly to each other and didn't let go. We knew exactly where we were going to end up. We laid on the ground at the base of this mountain that now appeared to have grown twice in size. We looked at each other. We were scared. We were bruised. We were unsure. Unsure if we could climb this enormous mountain again. Unsure of the injuries that may come. But my mother, who had always been MY rock told us that we will do what we need to do to get through this. She was scared, yet fearless. She was persistent, yet patient. She climbed and climbed, as we followed her lead. She was tired and she was hurt. But the whole time she kept telling us everything would be okay.

     She has finally reached the top. She conquered that mountain. We were right there beside her. We conquered that mountain. We are all shaky, but reflective. We think about that landslide that changed our course. It changed our course but we now know what to do. We know how to help others conquer their mountains, and we are determined to provide the support others may need to reach the top of their mountain uninjured, or at least a little less injured. No one reaches the top without a few bumps and bruises. But we will meet you at the bottom of your mountain, we will climb side by side with you, and we will reach the top together, smiling and hugging. You will climb, and you will slip and slide, and it will rattle and shake you. But when you get to the top, be sure to look over the side of that enormous rock. See how far you have come. Take notice of the amazing view. Because you may be sore and tired, but you deserve to hold your loved ones at the top of the mountain and enjoy that view—together. 

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