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Why W.A.Y.S.

As I worked through my struggles mentally and emotionally during this journey, I began to wonder.....what might have made a difference for me? My care team was doing their job and kicking cancer's ass. Check. I had a social worker assigned to me who gave me a platter of amazing outreach programs and support groups available in my area. Check. But was there still a missing link? YES YES HELL YES-S-S!!!!!

It hit me one day. I didn't have it in me to call my social worker, to 'find' and 'figure out' my needs. I needed someone to say "HEY! I'm here, I'm going to do this for you!" That's when I began to think of what I could do different in the outreach world. I could be that gentle yet persistent pest to do the actual reaching out. I could call, text, email. To check on you. To get you out of the house by going for a walk. To go grab some coffee. To check out our local wig shop. To organize a meal service. To drive you to chemo and/or radiation. To take notes at your doctor appointments. No problem-o. Want to have a paint night with others just like us, I got this! I can do it! I want to do it! And I don't want you to have to find it. I want to offer it! During your journey, after your journey. As long as you need. Because you didn't ask for this. You didn't plan for this. Why would you know what you need?!? How would you know how to go about asking for help?!?

I was the type of person to know what my resources were but when I needed them most, it felt like too big of a step to take. To call, to go, to make myself!

That's where I want to come in. I want to be that difference in your outreach. I want to be the resource to come to you. Learn what you need individually and stay with you. By always checking in. Always staying in touch. Becoming your friend and your resource at whatever level you need!

This is my passion and has become the passion of my family as well: my husband, my children and my friends. This may have been my baby but it has become a passion of those who have endured this journey beside me.

We may be a small team at the moment but we bring big shoulders to the table. And we will grow as time goes on, with me standing at the forefront of our company.

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