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Who am I?

Hello to all. My Name is Colette Hoang. I am a Breast Cancer fighter and survivor. During my journey I realized my passion for mental and emotional support for others through and beyond this fight. Aside from the physical fight that I ensued, there was a mental and emotional portion that was beyond comprehension until I was in it. While we can try to 'predict' what will happen emotionally it truly is not understood until you are in it. I was shocked when depression and fear overcame my daily life AFTER treatment. How could this be? The worst was over right!? I literally feared living everyday because I was afraid of dying or having a recurrence. Sounds crazy, huh? I was then further let down by my own oncologist who was also shocked by my mental state. I then questioned myself even further. If she is surprised, then I must really be messed up, right!?

The notion that once the worst is over, we should be HAPPY, OVERJOYED, GRATEFUL for this life and what we survived, is actually not how many of us feel. We truly experience a type of PTSD. I was blessed with my general practitioner who sat me down and said 'This is normal' 'This is to be expected' 'I will help you'. To this very moment as I type this page, I credit this man for saving me mentally, emotionally and for my general wellbeing. A wellbeing which has allowed me to LIVE this life, LOVE this life and DO anything I can to help others and give whatever support I can during and after their own journey.

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